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The Cheapiest Countries of The World to Travel in 2020 Year

The Cheapiest Countries of The World to Travel in 2020 Year
Top 6 Cheapest Countries to Visit

1. Ukraine

This country, whose capital is Kiev, is among the countries known for its cheapness and entertainment life. Alcohol, cultural foods, night life and accommodation opportuntities are very cheap. It is among the countries that can be easily visited thanks to its location and visa-free status.

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2. Cambodia

Cambodia, which has the 1000-year-old Angkor temple, Chimeric Heritage and Apsara, one of the most magnificent structures in the world, is also among the cheapest countries. Those who want to explore this country cheaply can stay for 3 dollars in a luxury hotel and have a very delicious meal for 4-5 dollars.

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3. India

The fascinating India that has been the subject of movies and TV series is one of the countries that should be seen. You can travel very cheaply in this country whose capital is Delhi. Here you can even fill your belly with 50 cents, and have a nice meal for 3 dollars.

4. Vietnam

Vietnam, which is one of the most beautiful countries of Southeast Asian countries, comes first among the cheap countries. You can stay comfortably for 3 dollars a day in the capital of this place. You can feed yourself with a nice meal for 3-4 dollars.

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5. Myanmar

Located in Southeast Asia and one of the biggest countries of the region. Very affordable and low cost for travelers.Tempels and cultural values should be seen and discover by the travelers definitely. Daliy 30 dollars is enough for this amazing country!

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6. Indonesia

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to Indonesia is the island of Bali. It is possible to visit this perfect place at a very affordable prices. You can spend 30 dollars in a day here and taste the unique delicious just like a king!

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