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My travel dıary

Diary of a Traveller

I Have Suggestions FOR YOU : )

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Learn and Discover Our World

Lern to be happy with what you have

and Work For the Better


afghanistan diary of a traveller

Top 10 Least Visited Countries IN World

World’s Top 10 Least Visited Countries Every year, there is always a news about “the most visited country” or “the city that attracts the most tourists” in newspapers, magazines and…

Journey To LATVİA: Latvia Travel Guide

Latvia, located in the Baltic region of Northern Europe, is a country brimming with natural beauty, rich history, and a unique cultural heritage. Nestled between Estonia to the north and…
Northern Lights – Diary of a traveller

10 Natural Wonders of Europe

10 Natural Wonders of Europe    There are much more than you think in Europe, the cultural mushroom of the planet, the Cradle of the Renaissance, with its global cities…

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I am a traveller, engineer, and amateur photographer. This is my personal site, and a summary of what I am working on this period. Get in touch!