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Unsolved Mysterious Discoveries of the World

Unsolved Mysterious Discoveries of the World

Longyou Caves

World’s first artificial caves, Longyou caves’ history is dating back 2000 years. This cave, which is large enough to amaze the researchers studying the cave, has attracted archaeologists and architects around the world. Researchers still can’t identify how, when, and by whom Longyou Caves were built.


Sacsayhuaman may be the greatest ancient city ever discovered in our planet. The reason for this is that every stone mass used in the construction of the city is perfect. Whereas such enormous stones are located, it is an entirely different skill to be able to put the stones in such alignment and order! The stones are so united that even a small piece of paper cannot penetrate between them. It is still a secret how these perfect walls were built with engineering intelligence …

Solar Gate

The Sun Gate in Tiwanaku, one of the oldest mysterious cities in Bolivia, is thought to be a giant passage or arch. According to archaeologists, this place, which was accepted as the center of the empire that existed during the first millennium, still preserves its mystery with the drawings it contains. Although researchers have been studying for many years, it is a secret what some drawings mean … The gate, which has a very important value when it comes to astrology and astronomy, is seen as the door to another world.

Mohenjo Daro

Mohenjo Daro, has been a brief evidence which explains aliens have been communicated with the world, is a city thought to have been destroyed by a nuclear attack centuries ago … This place, which cannot be predicted before it collapsed, was discovered under the ground by an Indian archaeologist in 1992. Some experts interested in astronomy think that this city is one of the places by aliens who want to attack the world.

Derinkuyu Underground City

This underground city, located in Cappadocia, which housts to the enormous ancient beauties of our country, is still among the names that protect its mystery … This place, where the biggest underground city of the world was created by carving the rocks under the ground, has various stories about how it occurred! Of course, besides how it is made, it is also a question of why a city was built underground. Some researchers suggest that some of the wars were reason to built to protect themselves from extreme temperatures and climate change.

Yonaguni Underwater City

Referred to as the “Atlantis of Japan” by researchers, this city is thought to be one of the oldest civilizations in the world before the Ice Age. The city, which was found by accident by diving instructor Khachiro Aratak, was among the structures thought to have been carved under water when 12,000 years ago there were not even pyramids … However, scientists say that there were no human before Ice Age, and so this sutructure could not be human made. Sure, there comes this question that sutructure was built by aliens.

Giant Stone Masses

In first place masses, which found by South American farmers planting banana in years of 1930, were sent to Bosnia and Herzegovina by Costa Rica as a present. According to the legend, a few of these masses, which are believed to contain gold and money when broken, were truly broken, but nothing came out of it. Some spheres still are located in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The people still can’t believe that speheres are empty.

14 Million Years Vehicle Park

As a result of the discovery of this track, which is thought to be the remains of the vehicles used by civilizations 14 million years ago, the world of science was officially divided into two. Dr. Koltypin, who interested in the subject, believes that high-tech civilizations lived millions of years ago in our world. The mystery of the car park is still unresolved, but researchers seriously think that the world is home to other civilizations before us.

2 Million Years Natural Nuclear Reactor

As a result of research in 1972, the natural nuclear reactor in Gabon has a history of 2 million years! According to scientists, this nuclear reactor was brought from another planet millions of years ago. Otherwise, it was not possible for this structure to occur so many years ago. Another idea of scientists is that some of Uranium in Africa is self-nuclear fused. However, the fact that the power of this reactor is the same as today’s reactors refutes this thesis.

Giant Knife Found Under Water

This event still remains a mystery and there is very little information about it. The huge knife that the three divers found on the seabed, in the world of science, “Did giants really exist?” Supports the question! However, there is no clear conclusion.

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