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10 most visited places of the world : Vacation guide for travelers

10 most visited places of the world : Vacation guide for travelers

Are you curious about the most visited places in the world? There are many interesting places among the most touristy places. Here are the attractions that tourists visit most and are the favorite of the world.

1- Nagashima Spa Land is definitely one of the most visited places of the world.

Nagashima Spa Land, Japan

Annual Visitors: 5,850,000

Highest visitor season: March-August

2- Palace of Versailles definitely should be seen before die!

Palace of Versailles, France

Annual Visitors: 5,900,000

Highest visitor season: June-August

3- Have you ever seen the Universal Studios? It in Hollywood, hurry up!

Universal Studios, Hollywood USA

Annual Visitors: 5,912,000

Highest visitor season: June-August

What are the most visited places in the world for tourists?

4- Bourbon Street is definitely one of the most favorite touristic places of the world, see it immediately!

Bourbon Street, New Orleans USA

Annual Visitors: 6,017,500

Highest visitor season: February-May

5- You will never believe your eyes when you see The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA

Annual Visitor: 6.115.881

The season that attracts the most visitors: Weekends

6- Lincoln Memorial also in the “most visited places of the world” list. You should see it.

Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C.

Annual Visitor: 6.191.361

The season that attracts the most visitors: March- June, September-November

7- Lake Mead also is a very interesting places for travelers.

Lake Mead, Nevada USA

Annual Visitors: 6,285,439

Highest visitor season: May-September

Complete list of most visited locations of the world

8- Lotte World will be a perfect choice for visitors and vacation lovers.

Lotte World, Seoul, South Korea

Annual Visitors: 6,383,000

Highest visitor season: March-May, September-November

9- Disneyland should be seen before die. If you still did not, run there this year!

Disneyland, Hong Kong

Annual Visitors: 6.700.000

Highest visitor season: October-November, January-February, April-May

10- British Museum is famous with its amazing name and gorgeus arts.

British Museum

Annual Visitor: 6,701,036

Highest visitor season: December, May-September

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